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A Warmhearted Response to the Pittsburgh Tragedy from an Israeli Kehillah

Remarks from Hayyim Kehillat Torat, Herzliya, By Rabbi Rav Barry Schlesinger The week we experienced tragedy. Last Shabbat began with the murder of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh, and was followed by a traffic accident in the area of the Dead Sea that took the lives of an entire family (8 people including two parents and six children)...

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Hayyim Kehillat Torat Herzliya Israel

Rabbi Mishael Zion


Blogging from the Bimah

Rabbis debating & discussing crucial issues facing Masorti, Israel and the Diaspora at a time of extreme challenge

After Pittsburgh, an Israeli Rabbi Honors Liberal American Judaism

Rabbi Gordon Tucker introduces and reflects on a Rabbi Mishael Zion's deeply moving testimony.: "When a person dies, among our obligations is that of paying tribute to that person’s life.  This mitzvah is even more urgently felt when a person has been wrongfully killed.  The 11 victims of the mass murderer in Pittsburgh are now...

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tree of life synagogue pittsburgh

An Egalitarian Siddur for Youth with Disabilities--A Masorti First!

B’chol D’rachecha (In All Your Ways)

Read more about this groundbreaking siddur here.  And download the order form here.

Masorti's Egalitarian Siddur Available as an App!

Keep it on your smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android.

Great News for Masorti: A Significant Rise in Israelis Who Embrace Our Movement

A recent survey from the Jewish People Policy Institute found strong movement towards our Movement!  A near doubling, in just five years, of the number of Israelis who identify with more liberal streams of Judaism. One reason is Masorti’s welcoming embrace, its inclusivity, its belief that Israel must be a home for all Jews.  For converts and those seeking to convert, that embrace by Masorti rabbis is crucial.  Watch our video as Israelis express their deeply felt thoughts and emotions about what it means to be recognized as fully Jewish.

Masorti conversion makes possible a Jewish family life rich in observance and tradition for many who would otherwise be excluded by the rigid control of the Orthodox rabbinate.  It’s impossible to watch this video and not be moved by the deep emotion and joy the families express.

For more, read our blog post, and for the full JPPI study, “Rising Streams,” (a fascinating report), click here.

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