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Outrage: Masorti Rabbi Dov Haiyun Arrested for Officiating at Wedding

We are outraged at the arrest of Rabbi Dov “Dubi” Haiyun of Moriah Congregation in Haifa. He was arrested and interrogated early this morning for the “crime” of officiating at a wedding outside the control of the Ultra Orthodox Chief Rabbinate. Rabbi Haiyun potentially faces two years in prison for holding this wedding. Says Rabbi Haiyun: “It’s hard to think of an action that is less Jewish, on the eve of Tisha B’av…The police have been dragged into serving the Orthodox rabbinical court. This is a sad day for Israeli democracy.” The...

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Rabbi Dov Haiyun

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The day the Jewish state became Orthodox by Rabbi Mikie Goldstein: Times of Israel

It only took a few hours: first, the nation-state bill was signed; then, a Conservative rabbi was detained by police My mobile rings, I answer. The voice on the other end: “Hi, is that Rabbi Goldstein? My fiancée and I would like you to officiate out our wedding.” The conversation continues. I make sure we’re talking about two Jews. I get a bit of background. When I ask the couple why they are not getting married through the state Orthodox rabbinate, I get various answers, such as: “My foot...

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The day the Jewish state became Orthodox by Rabbi Mikie Goldstein: Times of Israel

An Egalitarian Siddur for Youth with Disabilities--A Masorti First!

B’chol D’rachecha (In All Your Ways)

Read more about this groundbreaking siddur here.  And download the order form here.

Masorti's Egalitarian Siddur Available as an App!

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ADRABA & Masorti: Insuring Children with Disabilities Can Become Bnai Mitzvah 

Watch a touching video of children who struggle–and succeed–in becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah, overcoming significant challenges with great courage and heart with the help of ADRABA and the Masorti Movement in Israel.

Masorti’s goal is to insure that  every Jewish child may fully participate in the beauty of Jewish tradition, practice and life.  To help achieve that goal, Masorti created the first egalitarian siddur for children with disabilities.  Read more about the siddur here–you will also be able to download an order form.

For more about this video, click here.  Learn about ADRABA .

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