The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Masorti Foundation Appoints New Executive Director: Gideon Aronoff

The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel is pleased to announce that Gideon Aronoff has been selected as its new Executive Director.  Beginning in February, Aronoff will lead the Foundation’s advocacy and fundraising that support the Masorti Movement in Israel.

“It is a critical moment for the Movement in Israel,” says Rabbi Robert Slosberg, Chair of the Foundation’s Board, “and the Foundation looks forward to working with Aronoff to expand the visibility of the Masorti Movement’s work with its kehillot, rabbis, youth, women and others to reach key stakeholders in the United States, as well as to increase Masorti’s impact and fundraising.”

“I’m excited to be joining the Masorti Foundation at this time, and for this opportunity to create deep personal engagement between Jews in the United States and in Israel,” Aronoff said. “When I think of the challenges Israel faces in strengthening both its Jewish and its democratic identities, I cannot think of a better place to be than the Masorti Foundation.”

Yizhar Hess, CEO of the Masorti Movement, writes:
Investing in Religious Pluralism in Israel

“Let me tell you a story. In 1926 the Conservative Movement in North America bought a nice parcel of land in the heart of Jerusalem. Two and a half acres, between the center of town and the Rehavia neighborhood. The Conservatives, who identified with Zionism from its beginnings, believed that it was not enough for the national home to come into being on a basis of the renewal of secular Zionism alone. They believed that there needed to be a major synagogue in the heart of Jerusalem which would be up-to-date, with the right mixture of old and new, of tradition and change. It was a marvelous vision, but not many people were making Aliya in those days, and those who did were Socialists looking to change the world, who weren’t so in tune with religious sentiment. The parcel of land remained bare and empty.

It stayed that way until 1934, when the Conservative Movement agreed, and was happy to do so, to make a present of it to a promising-sounding new initiative…..

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Yizhar Hess

CEO, Masorti Movement in Israel

Barbara Berci & Doctor George Berci Honored by the Masorti Foundation at October Gala Dinner

On October 17th, 2017 at a gala dinner, Barbara and George Berci were honored for their tireless efforts on behalf of the Masorti movement.  Over many years they have given generously of their resources, their time and their hearts.  Promoting an egalitarian, inclusive Israel–one that respects tradition and also makes a welcome home for all Jews–has been at the core of the Berci’s work for Masorti.  The Masorti Foundation is deeply grateful.

Watch the video of their talks at the dinner.  You are sure to find the remarks moving and inspiring.

A powerful and emotional video by Israeli rabbi, Nathalie Lastreger, on the importance of equal access for all Jews to the Western Wall

Don’t miss this impassioned video in Hebrew with excellent English subtitles. Click here Nathalie Lastreger

Rabbi, K'far Vradim

Masorti Joins with Seven Major Conservative and Reform Organizations in Statement of Protest to Israeli Embassy: July 2017

Masorti is proud to have been a signer of a crucial message to the Israeli government, delivered yesterday to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The message conveyed–in the strongest possible terms–anger and dismay about the Israeli Rabbanut’s encroachment on the rights of Conservative and Reform communities in Israel.

Click the button below to read the text of the statement.

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