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Masorti Joins with Seven Major Conservative and Reform Organizations in Statement of Protest to Israeli Embassy: July 2017

Masorti is proud to have been a signer of a crucial message to the Israeli government, delivered yesterday to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The message conveyed–in the strongest possible terms–anger and dismay about the Israeli Rabbanut’s encroachment on the rights of Conservative and Reform communities in Israel.

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Would You Like Your Family to Pray Together at the Kotel ?


Email Prime Minister Netanyahu 

Urge him to honor the Kotel Agreement


Train a child according to his way…

On May 26th, in a festive and moving ceremony at the Hod VeHadar Masorti congregation in Kfar Saba, the Masorti Movement celebrated the arrival of a new Sefer Torah. But this was not any Hachnasat Sefer Torah: the ceremony marked the dedication of a small Torah scroll that is a bit less than twelve inches in width.

Why did the Masorti Movement write a small Sefer Torah and for whom?

During Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, one of the honors given out to both the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child and their family members is dancing with the Torah scroll in the synagogue. In many ceremonies that are celebrated in our congregations, this dance is one of the highlights of the celebration. Unfortunately, when it comes to participants in the ADRABA program for children with special needs, this is often impossible if the Torah is too large and heavy for them to hold, let alone to dance with.

A very talented Torah scribe got to work, and for the duration of this past year the small Torah scroll was written….


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