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Yizhar Hess, CEO of the Masorti Movement, writing an Op-Ed concerning the Western Wall

Read the impassioned Op-Ed written by YIzhar Hess, CEO of the Masorti Movement in Israel, and published in on August 28, 2017, about the upcoming hearing and decision by the High Court in Israel concerning Conservative (and Reform) access to the Western Wall.

Here are excerpts:

“There is a good chance that the High Court of Justice (“Bagatz”) deliberation that will take place at the Supreme Court on the last day of August will be the capstone to more than 30 years—thirty years!—of Supreme Court discussions on the very same topic, the Western Wall…the Court will soon have its say and…its decision will be, so I hope, clear-cut. And unambiguous. And final….

We did everything possible not to be in court again. Honestly, we have been dragged there. We conducted a negotiation in good faith. We gave in on things we never dreamt that we would forgo…

We come before the court with clean hands. We have tried. We have done our best. We have sought peace and pursued it. But on the other side there is no partner…

The entire Jewish people looks now to that court.”

For the full text of Yizhar’s Op Ed, Click here


Yizhar Hess

CEO, Masorti Movement

A powerful and emotional video by Israeli rabbi Nathalie Lastreger on the importance of equal access for all Jews to the Western Wall

Don’t miss this impassioned video in Hebrew with excellent English subtitles. Click here


Nathalie Lastreger

Rabbi, K'far Vradim

Masorti Joins with Seven Major Conservative and Reform Organizations in Statement of Protest to Israeli Embassy: July 2017

Masorti is proud to have been a signer of a crucial message to the Israeli government, delivered yesterday to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The message conveyed–in the strongest possible terms–anger and dismay about the Israeli Rabbanut’s encroachment on the rights of Conservative and Reform communities in Israel.

Click the button below to read the text of the statement.

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