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Jewish Pluralism Watch Report: A Look at a Government in Denial

Just published; The JPW Summer 2018 Report on the Knesset.  It's a deep dive into the activities of Knesset on all the issues of importance to Masorti.  The Knesset may well be in denial.  But Masorti values cannot be denied for long. The report confirms what we know is true: there is a broad base of support for the need for religious, political and social diversity in Israel. ...

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Jewish Pluralism Watch Report: A Look at a Government in Denial

An Egalitarian Siddur for Youth with Disabilities--A Masorti First!

B’chol D’rachecha (In All Your Ways)

Read more about this groundbreaking siddur here.  And download the order form here.

Masorti's Egalitarian Siddur Available as an App!

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A Musical Taste of Israel’s Sephardic & Ashkenazi Traditions
A Perfect Way to Begin the High Holiday Observances

Listen to this lovely and lyrical combination of two famous piyyutim–one to open and one to close the High Holidays: for Selichot, Avinu Malkeinu (אבינו מלכנו) and for the close of Yom Kippur, El Nora Alila (אל נורא עלילה).

Sung by Nerya Raphael Knafo, the director of Masorti’s Jewish Pluralism Watch together with Yahala Lachmish and an exceptional group of Israeli singers and musicians, this combination of a Moroccan Jewish/Jerusalem-Sephardic melody for El Nora Alila and an Ashkenazi melody for Avinu Malkeinu, typifies Israeli respect for, and honoring of, our variety of traditions.

Filming this at Ezrat Israel, the egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel–the only place at the Western Wall where men and women may pray and sing together–reminds us of our Masorti values and the need to continue to advocate for them.

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