The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Joel Marín Zayas

Joel Marín Zayas 52, lives in Kfar Saba with his wife Esther and son Moshe. After moving with his family to Israel four years ago from Venezuela, Joel decided to become Jewish like his wife and son. After a year of learning with Rabbi Gustavo Gryncwajg from Masorti’s Ra’anana congregation, he completed his conversion through our Beit Din (Conversion Court), and joyously joined the Jewish people.

Israel’s social conversion courts present numerous obstacles to Jews by Choice, but many Israelis find Masorti’s conversion program a welcoming environment whether they are Sabras (native born), new immigrants, a couple adopting a child or those with a Jewish partner.

Your people shall be my people (Ruth 1:16) is a core principle of Masorti Judaism.