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Rabbi Cosgrove Speaks at Knesset Conference on Israel and Diaspora Relations
December 27, 2016

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D’var Torah by Barbara Kavadias, Executive Director Masorti Foundation

For MJCBY 8/20/2016

Today’s Parsha is the second of Devarim (The Words) or Deuteronomy. This book is a series of Moses’s final words to us and, in essence, a repetition of the important themes of the Torah. The one G-d, the loyalty we owe this G-d, the nature of this relationship, the importance of living this relationship out, the benefits of doing so –Israel, and the punishment – exile, we will experience if we do not.

In today’s Parsha, we relive the revelation and receipt of the 10 Commandments and we receive from Moses the basic Torah we must follow in order to live successfully in Israel. We receive these words and we are taught why they are important.

Moses Deuteronomy Illustrationg Masorti Sermons

Parashat Naso: 12 Sivan 5776 – June 18, 2016


Pirkei Avot enumerates for us ten miracles that happened regularly in the time of the Temple. The tenth is this:
“Lo amar adam la-haveiro ‘tzar li ha-makom she-alin bi-rushalayim’” — “No one ever said to another person: the space is too constricted in Jerusalem for me to be able to stay over there.”

This is usually interpreted to mean that somehow they never ran out of “room at the inn”.

NOAM member with Ethiopian Jewish Child Illustrating Masorti Sermons