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On Tisha B’Av, shocking events took place at the Egalitarian Kotel.  People who came to pray peacefully at the only part of Kotel where men and women can pray together, were verbally assaulted and a gender partition was set up to interfere with the prayers of Masorti and others at the Family Kotel.  

Watch the video in Hebrew or, if you prefer, with English translations.

For more information, go to our Resources page.  And we hope you’ll consider a donation to help Masorti pursue full equality at the Kotel. 

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Reading the Megillat Ha’aztmaut at the the Family Kotel

On April 11th, a new tradition was born.  Reading the Megillat Ha’atzmaut at the Kotel. Here’s a chance to watch it.  You won’t want to miss this inspired and inspiring experience, organized by the WZO in partnership with the Masorti Movement and other Jewish organizations.

Join us for a reading of Megillat Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Declaration of Independence) from the Kotel.

Join us for a reading of Megillat Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Declaration of Independence) from the Kotel.

Posted by ‎World Zionist Organization - ההסתדרות הציונית העולמית‎ on Sunday, April 11, 2021

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