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This New Year, you can help solve Israel’s other security crisis. In 5782, take action to secure religious equality for all Israeli Jews!

Israel has a second security crisis — an internal crisis of spiritual and social cohesion in Israeli society. A Jewish State cannot be truly secure if the vast majority of Israeli Jews face systemic religious discrimination and the state empowers minority ultra-Orthodox authorities to control the religious lives of all Israelis.

This is why your support of the Masorti Movement of Israel is greatly needed this Rosh Hashanah. Your gift will help combat religious, social and political intolerance that undermines the promise of Israel’s Declaration of Independence – to create a new Jewish State that is a beacon of democracy, equality, justice and inclusion for all Jews around the world.

This New Year, we ask you to support the Movement’s initiatives to unite Klal Yisrael and build a Jewish homeland that brings Masorti’s vision of pluralism, egalitarianism and religious equality to life.


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Faces of Masorti Israel: 2020

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Rakefet Ginsberg, Masorti Israel’s CEO on Shmita and the New Year

For a unique interpretation of how  5782 relates to this year of Shmita, listen to CEO of Masorti Israel, Rakefet Ginsberg’s High Holiday greeting.

An Egalitarian Siddur for Youth with Disabilities--A Masorti First!

B’chol D’rachecha (In All Your Ways)

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