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Sing Along with Camp Ramah NOAM Kids

Sing Along with Camp Ramah NOAM Kids

Noam נועם- נוער מסורתי of The Masorti Movement In Israel-התנועה המסורתית בישראל making final preparations for #Ramah Noam camp. Youth from all backgrounds coming together for a rich and fun experience of Judaism, Israeli culture, leadership, pluralism and inclusion in...

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Blogging from the Bimah

Rabbis debating & discussing crucial issues facing Masorti, Israel and the Diaspora at a time of extreme challenge

Faces of Masorti Israel

Meet the people and see the places of Masorti Israel. See lifecycle ceremonies, Camp Ramah-NOAM, study groups, young and old, services at the Egalitarian Kotel and more.

Faces of Masorti Israel: July 12, 2019

This week, Isaac "Bougie" Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency speaks at Masorti Movement's General Meeting, Yizhar Hess speaks at the Israel Democracy Institute, NOAM kids meet, Rabbi Dubi Haiyun's at work at his desk and more...Click on any orange plus sign to...

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 Getting “Psyched” for Summer: NOAM & Camp Ramah-Noam

As Masorti gets ready for Camp Ramah-NOAM 2019, get a feel for the excitement, the joy and enthusiasm of young Israelis enjoying Camp Ramah-NOAM in prior years. Take yourself back your own great camp experiences…watch the sheer exuberance as these kids get ready for roughing it, for renewing old friendships, making new friends, for song, dance and color-war.  Can’t read the Hebrew?  Don’t worry.  Just read the expressions on the faces of these kids, the language is universal.

An Egalitarian Siddur for Youth with Disabilities--A Masorti First!

B’chol D’rachecha (In All Your Ways)

Read more about this groundbreaking siddur here.  And download the order form here.

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