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Please partner with us in holding the spirit of hope for Jews in Israel and around the world, during these times of war. Your support today will help build and strengthen the resilience of all those taking part in our youth and educational programs, kehillot and actions in civil society (such as our daily prayer circle in Hostage Square).

Many thousands of Israelis in the Masorti Movement—young and old, native-born and immigrants, men and women, able and disabled—are engaged in building communities that embody a democratic vision of Jewish life in Israel.  Their spirit is pioneering, combining modern Israeli life with traditional Jewish belief, while promoting equality and inclusion–entirely in keeping with our Mission Statement.

Through education, through the exchange of ideas, through advocacy and, crucially, through financial support of the Masorti Foundation, Conservative Jews in the United States can participate in this historic and vital enterprise.
We are enriched by the opportunities to learn from one another, to support one another and to speak in one voice: the voice of the Jewish People.