The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

The Masorti Foundation and Masorti Movement of Israel mark with deep sorrow the passing of our dear friend and valued supporter Janice Shafran Roth z”l.

Janice demonstrated her deep commitment to the values of inclusion and diversity through her long-time support of programs to enable young Israelis with disabilities to participate fully in Jewish life.

Thanks to Janice’s organizing and advocacy, and the tireless work of her entire family, these young people can study for and celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and have the opportunity for the Israeli pioneering experience of summer camp, the Jack Roth Camp Netaim-Ramah Noam, in the forests of the Galilee.

Janice has been a tremendous advocate for the core values of her late husband, Jack Roth z”l, and a passionate promoter of his legacy and the Jack Roth Run, which this past June completed its 14th year.

Janice Shafran Roth z”l with Gideon Aronoff June 9, 2019 at
Jack Roth Run

Says Gideon Aronoff, Executive Director of the Masorti Foundation, “What terribly sad news. It was such an honor and pleasure to meet and work with Janice Shafran Roth, z”l around this year’s Jack Roth Rock n’ Run. Janice was an amazing and inspirational leader and partner — where she carried on Jack’s passion for full inclusion of kids with disabilities.”




Janice is survived by her loving family: daughter Maren, son-in-law Marc Desrosiers, granddaughter Lennon, sister Carol Young, and twin sister, Joyce and husband Chuck Shenk. She is mourned by her loving extended family and friends from across the country and around the world.

Janice will be greatly missed by all of us at the Masorti Foundation and Movement. At this time of mourning, may Janice’s memory be a blessing to her dear family, the city of Columbus, the Jewish community and the extended family who gathered around the Roth Run over the years. Janice will be remembered as a true fighter for justice, compassion and inclusion, and will be forever in our hearts.