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A Special Song Created to Celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut: 71 Years of Israel

This was a special project of Galgalatz radio, “Shevet Achim V’achayot”: a new song with a melody written by Idan Raichel. The song features 35 top Israeli singers, and took more than two years to produce.

All of the artists in the music video recorded their parts on as “selfies” using smartphones, filmed throughout the land of Israel.

The list of participants (in Hebrew alphabetical order):

Avraham Tal – Eliad – Anya Bukstein – Esther Rada – Barry Sacharof – Dudu Aharon – David Broza – Dikla – Dana Berger – Danny Robas – Harel Skaat – Hanan Ben Ari – Yardena Arazi – Leah Shabbat – Lior Narkis – Mooki – Mosh Ben Ari – Miri Mesika – Marina Maximilian – Nasrin Qadri – Subliminal – Static & Ben-El Tavori – Ivri Lider – Omri Glicksman (Hatikva 6) – Idan Haviv – Idan Raichel – Eli Botner & Yaldei HaChutz – Kobi Oz – Kobi Aflalo – Roni Dalumi – Shimon Buskila

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also participated in the project, recording a special message at the end of the video.

Special thanks to friend of Masorti, Jeff Cymet, for sharing this with us.

Celebrate 71 years–sing along! Lyrics here in Hebrew and English.