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A Crucial Report from Masorti’s Jewish Pluralism Watch.

JPW works to monitor the Knesset on issues of importance to Masorti –inclusiveness,  pluralism and democracy –consistent with Jewish tradition.  This week they deliver a report packed with information on bills, committees, and comments by MK’s.  The JPW 2018 Knesset Winter Report is a fascinating deep dive. Click here to read.   From the report:

Welcome to all our friends!

On Wednesday, December 26, 2018, lawmakers voted to dissolve the Knesset and scheduled new elections for April 9, 2019. The ongoing crisis surrounding the Israel Defense Services Law, a core issue in the state and religion discourse, triggered the decision, promising an election campaign centered on issues of state and religion, pluralism and equality. We at Jewish Pluralism Watch will be following the campaign throughout, reporting on developments and promoting a civil and pluralistic agenda. Please follow us on the JPW website, facebook and twitter.

The full Winter 2018 report is here.