The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Eric Segal starts his Rosh Hashanah 5779 appeal with the story of the detention of Rabbi Dov Haiyun (pictured above) for officiating at a Masorti wedding, an event that generated widespread protest in Israel and in the Diaspora. After all, “these life cycle events within the Masorti Movement are done according to the same Jewish practice – halachic perspective – that we adhere to…”  The detention and questioning of a rabbi is not an uplifting story but one that should spur us all to take action –and one important action is to support  Masorti.

Says Segal, “the message of the Masorti Movement in Israel is about inclusion, religious pluralism, and tradition. These are values that we espouse and that Israelis yearn to espouse.We have to help young Israeli families and communities proudly and openly assert their modern Israeli Jewish identity.

Read Eric Segal’s Talk Here.

Eric Segal
Board Member
Congregation Beth Sholom
Teaneck, New Jersey

Eric Segal is a member of the Board and Chair of Congregation Beth Sholom’s Ayin L’tzion Committee, Beth Sholom’s committee focuses on Israel and support of the Masorti Movement.