The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

For the Masorti-Conservative Movement of Israel, and Masorti’s NOAM Youth Movement, creation of a truly inclusive Israel and a diverse and passionate Judaism is paramount.  And this Pride Month, we celebrate and recommit to this core mission of the Masorti Movement.

Masorti’s work involves celebration of Pride each June, as well as engagement and advocacy on key social and political issues like equality in the Surrogacy Law.  Masorti also is dedicated to building institutions of Jewish life that welcome LGBTQ Israelis and offer full access to our rich religious heritage.  Here, I want to introduce you to Ron and Gilad.

For couples using a surrogate to bear children, including gay couples, conversion is required regardless of the religious status of the fathers and even of the egg donor. Ron and Gilad had decisions to make for their twin boys, conceived through a surrogate from India, as is common in Israel.

Neither Gilad nor Ron was religiously observant beyond synagogue attendance on the High Holidays and yet “the issue of the conversion was on our minds before and during the pregnancy.” In Masorti, they found an inclusive and welcoming environment. “We did not n eed to hide who we were…It was all embracing. It was loving.” Continues Gilad, “I think that for my children today, Judaism is inherently a part of them.”

Masorti wishes Ron, Gilad and all who are celebrating, Happy Pride.

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