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Adat Shalom-Emanuel

Student Rabbi Doron Rubin
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6 Miller Street, Rehovot


Adat Shalom-Emanuel is one of Israel’s most active Masorti congregations. Founded in Rehovot in 1970, Adat Shalom-Emanuel is today the spiritual home of nearly 200 families. We offer a pluralistic approach to Judaism that is attractive to Jews from all religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The congregation offers its guests and members prayers on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, classes and lectures, preparations for Bar / Bat Mitzvah, celebration of Simchat (Shabbat / wedding ceremony, the joy of the birth of their son and more).

These services include:

  • Weekend prayers: Kabbalat Shabbat prayer, Shabbat morning, morning prayers, Torah reading, sermon and then kiddush with refreshments.
  • A Bar / Bat Mitzvah class: The program includes group lessons on Jewish values, Jewish tradition and customs, the Jewish calendar, the Siddur and the Bible. The children participating in the program receive personal lessons in reading the Torah. On the day of their ceremony they receive a Siddur as a gift. The program also includes a trip to the Western Wall for the morning prayers with tefillin.
  • Adult classes on various Jewish subjects.
  • A group of women meet every month for lectures in English.
  • Choir meeting weekly with performances at synagogue events

  • Monthly social brunch with dvar Torah

  • Quilting group meets weekly to make new baby quilts and healing quilts for members of the congregation

  • Yearly field trip

  • Meetings to mark holidays and festivals and guest lectures.
  • Most services are open to the general public and are free of charge. Costs of all activities are funded by members of the community from annual membership fees and donations.