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Watch this touching video of children who struggle –and succeed– in becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah, overcoming significant challenges with great courage and heart with the help of ADRABA and the Masorti Movement in Israel.

ADRABA –The Shirley Lowy Center for Children and  Youth with Disabilities– is a driving force behind an array of Jewish empowerment and inclusion opportunities.  A key Masorti goal is to insure that every Jewish child in Israel, including those with disabilities or special challenges, is afforded the opportunity to fully participate in Jewish life, practice and tradition.  Learn about the wonderful ADRABA program here.

To help achieve this goal, Masorti has created a beautiful new egalitarian siddur for young people (and others) with disabilities– the first of its kind– and fully in keeping with Masorti’s values of inclusion and its mission  Read about the siddur here where you can also download an order form.