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Background on the Kotel Agreement

Learn all about the background of the Kotel Agreement.  You will see why Masorti is embarking on an email campaign--“Raise Masorti Voices”–to demonstrate how determined we are to see the Kotel Agreement implemented in full and immediately.  We are not content to let a minority of Ultra Orthodox limit our rights to pray in our custom at the Kotel–our holiest site and one that belongs to all Jews.

Watch the compelling and inspiring video that tells the story.  And then take action.


The public is with us. Recent polls conducted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Jerusalem Post, show that large majorities of American and Israeli Jews favor both the establishment of an egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel, and more broadly, state recognition of Conservative (Masorti) and Reform streams of Judaism in Israel.

Quoting from the Jersusalem Post:

“The polls also clearly demonstrate an acute crisis…surrounding the establishment of an egalitarian prayer plaza at the Western Wall, a move that has been blocked by the government due to haredi opposition, despite being approved by the cabinet earlier this year.”

  • Israeli Jews who support an egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel 61% 61%
  • American Jews who support an egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel 70% 70%
  • Israeli Jews who support state recognition of Conservative and Reform streams in Israel 62% 62%
  • American Jews who support state recognition of Conservative and Reform streams in Israel 74% 74%

To learn more about this vital issue, get a thorough background on the Kotel agreement and read the full history of the 20-year struggle for recognition and rights at the Kotel, click here:  milestones-kotel-masorti.

And to read more about the ACJ/Jerusalem Post survey, click here.

The “Raise Masorti Voices” campaign is an opportunity for all of us. Make your voice heard…participate…join our campaign. Help build the Israel you want for your children, your grandchildren and yourself.

Want to be a congregation captain in your synagogue or community? Engage congregants, family, friends and co-workers and encourage them to join us. If you’re interested (we hope your are!) and can make this commitment, email us at info@masorti.org.

If you believe in our mission but cannot commit at this time to be a congregation captain, you can still participate. Join the “Raise Masorti Voices” campaign. With one click, you will be able to send a heartfelt message to Prime Minister Netanyahu and other key members of the government.

The campaign starts right before Selichot–on Thursday, September 22nd. Participating in the “Raise Masorti Voices” effort is easy.  The High Holidays are a perfect time to ask the State to reflect and return to its core principles of democracy and religious freedom for all.

Click here to send an email to the Prime Minister, the President of Israel, the Speaker of the Knesset and the Minister for Diaspora Affairs.

Our capacity to ensure the future of Israel as a Jewish state that embraces all Jews, regardless of level or type of religiosity–a Jewish state as envisioned by the very first Zionists–is dependent on what we do today.

YIzhar Hess

CEO and Executive Director, Masorti Movement in Israel