212-870-5880 The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel foundation@masorti.org

Board, Officers & Executive Director


Heidi Schneider


Aklilu Dunlap


Richard Kahn

Board of Directors

Alan Avery-Peck
Toni Bickart
Gloria Bieler
David Braun
Rabbi Elliot Dorff
Robert Goodman, MD
Richard Greenfield
Diane Halivni
Lis Kahn
Rabbi Jay M. Kornsgold
Alan Avery-Peck
Arnold Podgorsky
Rabbi Gerald Skolnik
Rabbi Robert Slosberg
Rabbi Gordon Tucker

Executive Director

Gideon Aronoff

Business Manager

Eric Segal


Audited financials for the Masorti Foundation are available upon request. As of January 27, 2011, the Foundation was advised by the Internal Revenue Service that it had been classified as an auxiliary of a church pursuant to Section 1.6033-2(h) of the Treasury Regulations. As such, the Foundation will no longer file the Form 990, but we are committed to maintain its practice of independent audits and will continue to make such audits available.