The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

In this unique and challenging year, we know that each of our High Holidays will be unusual, requiring imagination to connect with community and undertake the season’s essential experiences of repentance and teshuvah. Few things will look like they have in the past.  But they may give us a glimpse of some of what things could look like in the future.

For the Masorti Foundation, we celebrate this year in deep solidarity with our partners from the Masorti Movment of Israel.  We are in awe of their passion and creativity in ensuring that the vision and spirit of Masorti Judaism is available to all in Israel.  Below is a wonderful example of this new Masorti spirituality being created by the rabbis of Masorti Israel — here an intention (kavanah) before blowing the Shofar by Rabbi Gustavo Surazski of Kehillat Netzach Israel in Ashkelon.


Under the restrictions of the new Coronavirus lock-down, this year Masorti services will be held outside, inside in limited socially-distanced spaces, and to a significant extent in homes throughout Israel.  To fight the dangers of isolation, the Masorti Movement of Israel and the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary have created an amazing collection of resources and links to help Israelis navigate the holidays during the time of Coronavirus — Tishrei 5781.  Hebrew speakers will enjoy exploring all of these texts, links, images, and videos throughout the holidays.

But we hope that readers with imperfect Hebrew, or even no Hebrew at all, will still explore these creations as well. The guide below is designed to help you explore these Masorti Israel resources for a Tishrei 5781 experience — one that can be a powerful experience for your eyes, your ears, and your spirit.  Check it out…there is something for everyone…and see what you can find.

Shana Tova Umetuka

Masorti Israel Tishrei 5781 Guide