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This Chanukah, Join with Masorti Israel in Lighting the Way To Building a More Inclusive, Egalitarian, Pluralistic Israel

We know you care deeply about Israel’s future and are dedicated to ensuring that she thrives. That’s why we are excited to tell you about the 10% growth of Masorti communities this year. What better way to celebrate Chanukah than to keep the Masorti Momentum going by supporting Israel through Masorti Israel’s annual Community Growth Campaign? Your gift will help secure Israel as a true Jewish homeland — for Israelis and Jews around the world. It’s a gift that will keep on giving throughout 2020 and beyond.

Through your generosity, you will be enabling Masorti Israel to meet the spiritual, educational and life-cycle needs of the 800,000* Israelis looking for alternatives to deepen their connections to Judaism. And you will empower them to create an Israel of inclusion, tradition and community. Together we can light the way for an Israel that is …


Masorti rabbis bring Jewish inspiration, values and spirituality to 87 communities – including 7 new communities this year who, for the first time, had a Masorti rabbi lead High Holiday services. Your gift enables the Movement to support and train new rabbis and community educators in underserved areas where a growing number of Israelis are seeking out Masorti Judaism.


Thanks to Masorti supporters, over 1,000 egalitarian services were held this year at the Masorti Family Kotel. Over 100,000 men, women and children — numbers growing every year — prayed and celebrated together. And funds for Masorti Israel are put into action to support full equality for women and girls in Judaism so they can lead Israel  as rabbis and community activists.



 We provide crucial resources for the growing number of Israeli Jews who are seeking an inclusive Judaism that recognizes the many ways to celebrate Jewish life and welcomes Jews from all backgrounds. Your gift helps Masorti support Jews from Uganda who want to study in Israel or even make Aliyah.


…Unified with Jews Everywhere

At a challenging time for Israel-Diaspora relations, the Masorti Movement strengthens the interconnected nature of the Jewish people and the interwoven destiny of Israeli and Diaspora Jewry. Caring supporters like you throughout the U.S. help ensure that Israel remains a source of unity and a welcoming home for Jews across the globe.

…Empowering for Kids with Special Needs

Gifts to Masorti benefit the Movement’s Special Needs Inclusion Initiative to expand the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program that enables teens with disabilities and their families to experience the joy of this Jewish milestone. Funds also enable kids with special needs to join in NOAM-Ramah camping and youth movement activities.


…Nurturing of Israeli Youth

The Masorti Movement will double the number of kids benefitting from NOAM-Ramah camping and youth group experiences with scholarships for kids from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. And it will expand leadership programs for pre-IDF Israeli youth.


…Welcoming for Israeli Jews of All Backgrounds

When you give to Masorti, you are supporting a Movement that emphasizes Judaism for all — gender equality, access for children and adults with disabilities, inclusion of LGBTQ Israelis and support for Jewish converts in Israel.


…Pluralistic and Democratic

Support the social justice vision of Masorti Israel – and its nonpartisan educational and advocacy activities – to fulfill the promise of Israel’s Declaration of Independence for all Israelis. Help fund Jewish Pluralism Watch’s efforts to attain State recognition for Masorti marriages and conversions.


Please remember the Talmud’s teaching “One person’s candle is light for many,” and make a gift that will brighten lives throughout 2020.

* Rising Streams, a 2018 report by the independent Jewish People Policy Institute