The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

In this powerful and deeply felt 2018 Rosh Hashanah sermon, Rabbi Susan Grossman of Beth Shalom in Maryland, reflects “on who we are and who we want to be, as individuals and as a Jewish People.” She shines a light on a spate of recent disturbing actions in Israel that “exemplify how religious and political extremists in Israel threaten to tear apart the unity of the Jewish People and endanger the Jewish and democratic values Israel was founded upon…”

Her remedy is for American Conservative Jews to actively support Masorti in Israel because “Masorti is the antidote to extremism on one hand and nihilism on the other, with its system of Jewish values that can motivate Israelis to defend the unity of the Jewish people and show respect for the pluralism of our traditions and safeguards of democracy.” Rabbi Grossman’s sermon is brilliant and her argument is compelling.  It’s an important read for the High Holidays and beyond.

Read Rabbi Grossman’s sermon here.

Rabbi Susan Grossman
Beth Shalom
Columbia, Maryland

An accomplished author, lecturer, and storyteller who offers her congregants a rare blend of spiritual energy, joy, intellectual stimulation and pastoral compassion, Rabbi Susan Grossman was one of the first women ordained as a rabbi by the Jewish Theological Seminary and the first woman to lead her own congregation in both Westchester, New York and Howard County, Maryland. She currently serves on the prestigious Committee for Jewish Law and Standards of the Conservative Movement. In addition to serving on the CJLS,  Rabbi Grossman is an editor of the Conservative Movement’s Humash,  Etz Hayim Torah and Commentary.