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Gideon Aronoff, Executive Director, Masorti Foundation



Do I dare write that we may finally be coming out of the past two years of Covid reality – of sickness and death, destroyed plans, isolation and fear instead of voyages and discovery,  time with loved ones? I say “yes” with optimism, but of course with a passionate keinehora to avert the evil eye. Covid cases in the US and Israel seem to be declining dramatically. And one can hope deaths and serious hospitalizations will follow.

So I declare firmly that “My Heart is in the East”, as I’m sure many of yours are as well. Medieval Hebrew poet and physician Yehuda Halevi wrote this line, and sang his longing for Zion “…they walked in it—His name in their hearts, sustenance!— as in a park among flowers.”


Our dedication to Masorti Israel stems from its essential vision to bring deep and inspiring Jewish life to all Israelis, regardless of gender, ethnic or national background, religious stream, sexual or gender orientation, physical or mental ability. Masorti insists that all have the freedom, and the support, to enrich their Jewish spiritual lives in modern Israeli society.

The Masorti Foundation community mourns the losses of the past Covid years. Our travel to Israel and time with our Israeli family and friends relegated by Covid to missed entries on our calendars. What might have been learned and taught, seen and heard, shared among partners with a drive to build and strengthen Israel and the Conservative-Masorti community around the world.

Our Hearts Are Truly In The East!

Today, we look to 2022 with newfound hope. That we will soon be fully able to follow our hearts to the east. We will begin traveling to Israel to be with our Masorti family. We hope you will come with us or ask for help in creating a Masorti experience for you, your family, your synagogue and your community.


See you sometime very soon when we bring our hearts to the east and reunite with our beloved Masorti Israel family

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