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Women's Education Programs Masorti Israel

Masorti’s National Women’s Study Days

Several times a year, 300-400 women unite for a day of study, prayer and social interaction and education programs. A joint project of the Masorti Movement, the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, and the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies, rabbis and lay educators volunteer their time to provide engaging learning opportunities for all who wish increase their understanding of Jewish history, thought, tradition and observance. The education programs enhance and enrich understanding of Jewish history, values and traditions.

Yaltha for Women Israel Education Programs Masorti Israel

Yaltha for Women

A group of women rabbis and rabbinical students , Yaltha empowers women rabbis and enhances the status of women in Israel. Founded in 2001 in conjunction the International Rabbinical Assembly, Yaltha is a social support group for issues related to the status and functions of women rabbis. Yaltha facilitates two outreach programs – scholarships for female rabbinical students, enabling them to work in congregations, and the Yaltha Women’s Seders, held in five Masorti congregations and one TALI school.

Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program Israel Masorti

The Masorti Movement’s Bat Mitzvah Program for Mothers and Daughters

Providing a unique intergenerational experience, mothers and daughters prepare to learn and share this significant religious milestone together. For many mothers and daughters, this may be their first exposure to Jewish text and synagogue participation.  Together, mothers and daughters reinforce the learning process for one another, as they become more familiar with Jewish prayers and customs. The Masorti Movement’s Bat Mitzvah Program for Mothers and Daughters is an agent of societal and religious change in Israel, empowering women– young and older– to enrich their religious lives, and inspire new generations to be full and equal participants in Jewish life.

Jewish Young People and Adult Education Programs Israel Masorti

Adult Education

Sixty-eight Masorti congregations (kehillot) throughout Israel offer classes for men and women who want to deepen their Jewish knowledge by studying classic Jewish texts in a modern, egalitarian environment.