The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Dear Friends,

Today, I’m writing with a personal request.  The World Zionist Congress is holding its elections from now until March 11, 2020. This is our opportunity to have a huge impact, to help build the kind of society we want for ourselves, our children, and for Klal Yisrael.

The outcome of the election affects the allocation of many millions of dollars to programs and institutions crucial to Masorti Israel and also results in the appointment of people to positions where they can influence programs vital to our continued growth and success.

MERCAZ 6 is our slate. It’s filled with people who are long-time advocates for the Conservative/Masorti values we treasure–egalitarianism, inclusivity, diversity, democracy and respect for traditional Judaism.  Here are some of the distinguished members of our slate:

  • Toni Bickart
  • Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove
  • Dr. Arnold Eisen
  • Diane Halivni
  • Richard Kahn
  • Rabbi Debra Newman-Kamin
  • Temma Kingsley
  • Rabbi Jay Kornsgold
  • Rabbi Harold Kravitz
  • David Lissy
  • David Parker
  • Rabbi Charles Savenor
  • Heidi Schneider
  • Rabbi Gerald Skolnik
  • Rabbi Robert Slosberg

Read the whole slate here. (I’m on there too!)

Voting will make a huge difference for Masorti Israel.  Help us by voting.  It’s a simple process to register and then vote for MERCAZ SLATE 6.