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Masorti’s groundbreaking approach  and cutting-edge tools open possibilities for Israeli children and youth with disabilities

Masorti Israel is committed to a paradigm shift when it comes including Israelis with disabilities in all aspects of Jewish life. With the ongoing support of caring donors, it will continue to lead the way to make them feel fully welcomed in celebrating their Bar-Bat Mitzvahs with the entire community, being recognized at synagogue minyans, participating in informal educational programs and youth movements, and attending summer camp with their peers.

Thanks to your support Masorti’s Shirley Lowy Center for People with Disabilities has become a driving force behind an array of Jewish empowerment and inclusion opportunities in which children and young adults with disabilities gain a sense of pride and accomplishment.

This Jewish Disabilities Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month, we ask you to support the Movement’s efforts to serve hundreds of pre-teens and teens who benefit from the Center’s:

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah program offered to Israeli youth in 20 special educational schools
  • Jewish educational materials and technological tools that are developed with the expertise of professional staff who know best how to engage people with developmental disabilities in prayer while deepening their knowledge of Jewish texts;
  • Informal education offered through NOAM youth movement and camping programs;
  • Training and supervision of youth movement counselors, Bar-Bat Mitzvah teachers and Jewish educators.

Masorti creates shared activities that enable all Israelis to better understand the world of children and youth with disabilities – and replace whatever fears and discomforts they may feel with people who are “different from us” to a greater appreciation of the remarkable perseverance of these teenagers and admiration for their family’s devotion to bringing Jewish values into their child’s life.

To understand the profound impact of Masorti’s Adraba programs, read the moving stories of families and children affected:

There are no words to describe our emotions”, said one mother in K’far Saba. “We greatly enjoyed the ceremony which was conducted with respect, patience and tolerance towards every one of those attending, the children and their families. I am sure that both we, and our children, will remember the ceremony forever.”

Ariel’s Russian émigré parents were thrilled that he could take part in the Bar Mitzvah program. As part of the process, the staff checks if the child is Jewish according to Masorti standards of halacha. When it’s not the case,  the family is offered the opportunity for conversion. Ariel was converted — making the double celebrations even more memorable for the family and everyone in the Ashkelon’s Nezach Israel community.

Let’s celebrate this Jewish Disabilities Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month with a gift to support the important work of Masorti’s Adraba programs.

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