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HaKehila HaMasortit Neve Tzedek

Rabbi Roberto Arbib
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43 Shlush, corner of Eilat
Neve Tzedek


The Masorti congregation of Neve Tzedek is the first of its kind in the South of Tel Aviv. Here we lead prayers and religious ceremonies as corner stones of Jewish life, from Bar/Bat Mitzvot  to  weddings to Brit Milah and more. We also hold Jewish learning classes according to the Hebrew calendar and many other activities.

The community is a center for Jewish culture and spirituality in an equal, open and tolerant atmosphere. We invite you to attend our Shabbat services, holidays and during the week. Be a part of our pluralistic, egalitarian and open Jewish community.

As a Masorti synagogue in the heart of Tel Aviv – with an Israeli-Italian rabbi and members who hail from every continent – we have a rich, vibrant, and diverse tradition of Jewish worship and community life. We aspire to develop a creative community that encourages spiritual growth in a non-coercive environment.

We consider social responsibility an integral part of Judaism and are committed to facilitating positive change in ourselves, our community, and in modern Israeli society. We are equally committed to exploring the perpetual tension between tradition and progress that is modern Judaism.

We invite you to join us in exploring the many beautiful facets of an integrated Jewish life through study, prayer, and community service. All are welcome – men and women, families and singles, young and old – to celebrate with us in in the informal, friendly atmosphere of Neve Schechter, a beautifully restored historic building that is the Tel Aviv home of the Schechter Institute.