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Kehilla HaMinyan HaMishpachti in Kfar Vradim

Rabbi Nathalie Lastreger


30 Tavor Street
Kfar Vradim



The Minyan Mishpachti Masorti in Kfar Veradim is an egalitarian and dynamic community that is part of the Masorti movement. The kehilla holds services on Friday nights, on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. There are also communal Shabbat meals, special Kabbalat Shabbat prayers for children and a Seoda Shlishit with Havdalah. The kehilla offers the public a wide range of courses for adults, youth and children. The minyan initiates religious and intercultural activities and encounters with all the residents of the region, with the highlight being the Sukkat Shalom festival.

It’s a friendly kehilla located in Kfar Vradim and is a welcoming spiritual home for all residents of the Western Galilee.

Vision- To be a community that allows participation in an Israeli Jewish experience and an approach to the personal place within the renewed Jewish world.

Task- To be a home for cultural and values activities, which meets the spiritual, social and educational needs of Kfar Vradim and its surroundings within an egalitarian Jewish framework, through:

Community – Strengthening and nurturing relationships and mutual responsibility in the Kfar Vradim community, 

Education – Educational programs for adults, youth and children, and support and participation in all educational frameworks.