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A Powerful and Inspiring Video by Rabbi Yoav Ende, Executive Director of the Hannaton Educational Center

At a time of challenge and suffering in Israel, the Masorti Foundation brings you one of the most meaningful voices of Masorti Israel. It’s a part of our effort to share the variety of  views and perspectives of leading thinkers and activists from the Movement.

In this exceptional,  moving first-hand account, Rabbi Ende shares a vision of what kind of society he hopes to build in Israel.  With humanity and heart, he reaches out to the Arab communities surrounding Hannaton. 

As he said in a speech at joint gathering of Jews and Arabs in the village of Kfar Manra: “I am looking forward to a future where we work together, a shared life based on respect, truth, and acceptance. I believe in this path, the path of peace, and I know most people are willing to walk this path with me.”

Watch the video or read Rabbi Ende’s text below. You will be proud of the Masorti values you’ll  find expressed by him –inclusivity, egalitarianism and the commitment to continuing to build the Israel we love.

Edited Text of Rabbi Ende’s video:

We are in a crisis in the State of Israel between Jews and Arabs. We all hold citizenship in the State of Israel and we all want to build a future for our children. But the violence is becoming more extreme, the hatred is becoming more extreme. We know that the vast majority of Jews and Arabs oppose this. But we don’t hear the vast majority very loud. We don’t hear courageous leaders opposing what happened. Or we don’t hear it enough.

Here in Hannaton and the villages surrounding us there were riots. We had to think: Can we go out night? Can we not? Can we drive? Things that were unacceptable and unimaginable just a few months ago. I’m sure you saw those terrible, terrible pictures. So the question is: What do we do now? Does all that we’ve done go down the drain? Or do we have to think differently? Make up different solutions? Because what we’ve done til now doesn’t work…

I’ll tell what we’ve been doing day in and day out here in Hannaton. Because weve been working for the last 10 years with courageous partners in all the villages [around Hannaton] we’re meeting those people day in, day out, we’re  in the villages, we’re talking, we’re creating circles of trust, in conversations, we’re standing together. We’re holding up signs that say: We still believe in a shared future

We’re getting criticism all around, people are saying we’re naive. But we’re not naive. We know there is no other alternative than to build one society with a shared future vision for our children. Again, not all solutions are here. A lot of questions. A lot of mistrust. But we know we have to start building it together. We have be very cautious, looking at the reality we see, but also knowing that the vast majority wants to build here a shared society of equalness and not of violence.

We hope you found Rabbi Ende’s talk as inspiring as we did.  He beautifully articulates the Masorti value of inclusivity that we cherish.