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Hod VeHadar – Kfar Saba

Rabbi Tzvika Graetz
Chair, Max Moss

4 Hachish Street
Kfar Saba


Hod VeHadar is an egalitarian, Masorti (Conservative) synagogue. As part of the Masorti Movement, we hold fast to Jewish tradition, making sure it is relevant to today’s world. Our religious services are traditional in form and music, and are characterized by our central principles of openness and tolerance, thereby ensuring full participation of all our members — men and women alike.

Today, the Hod VeHadar membership includes some 200 families. We hold services every Shabbat eve, Shabbat morning and on Shabbat Mincha (late afternoon), every holiday eve and holiday morning, as well as a week-day morning service every Monday. Many Kfar Saba residents are especially appreciative of having an opportunity to pray in a non-Orthodox environment. Consequently, come Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, hundreds of locals attend our High Holiday Services.

A learning hub, Hod VeHadar is equally proud of the wide array of adult education classes held under our roof. The lineup of our Mistabra Beit Midrash runs the gamut – from weekly classes on the Torah portion and Talmud, to bi-weekly sessions on Tehilim (Psalms) to teaching Jewish values reflected in everyday living and more. All this is in addition to a thriving Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation course held for members and others interested in enrolling. Families can opt to hold their Bar Mitzvah ceremony either on Shabbat morning or Shabbat Mincha, or on Monday or Thursday morning.

Our children are our future. That’s why we try to create as many activities as possible for them. Starting with a fully equipped playroom and library, continuing with bi-weekly Shabbat services for children and ending with a unique bi-weekly, mid-week inter-active program called Hoda Hey, led by professional theatrical entertainers, Hod VeHadar is a child’s home away from home.

We are a vibrant community, providing religious, educational and social services. But what truly sets us apart is that all of the above is carried out by dedicated Hod VeHadar members who volunteer their professional services.