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Hol Yamim – Holon

Chair, Gila Kariv
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Matnas Neot Shoshanim, 12 Sigalon Street


Holon is a city of 200,000 residents just south of Tel Aviv. The city is very diverse, containing Secular, Mizrahi Haredi & Russian communities.  The Masorti congregation in Holon operates in a small community center co-existing and collaborating with other communities in the city, such as the Sepharadic Ladino community.

The congregation holds Shabbat services once a month, as well as ceremonies and prayers on the High Holy Days.

 On the personal level, The community is led by Gila Kariv:  “Our main goal is to bring the Masorti Halachic egalitarian spirit to a city where all other Jewish alternatives are non-egalitarian or non-Halachic.”

 We thank you for your support. It matters.