The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Passover 2018, 14 Nissan 5778

 Texts, Teachings, Songs and more for a “Masorti” Pesach


Looking to make your Pesach extra special this year?  We’ve put together some wonderful readings and videos and texts to reflect on.

Read and download Rabbi Gordon Tucker’s deep and thought-provoking answer to the question about the Four Children. Were there really four?  Read it and have lots to disucss at your Seder table.

Rav Siach and the Masorti Movement in Israel have shared with us a beautiful Teaching Guide filled with challenging commentary on the Haggadah and a beautifully illustrated video that connects the central story–“Because we were slaves…” to the contemporary problems of refugees in our midst today.

And to give you even more to think about and discuss, watch Rabbi Michael Graetz’s teaching on the meaning of “Next year in Jerusalem” and how it connects to Zionism.

Four Children or One?

Rabbi Gordon Tucker examines the text of the four children and their questions. What is the deeper meaning of these questions?  Read here to understand his (somewhat) radical interpretation of this part of the Haggadah.

A Teaching Guide & Video: "Because We Were Slaves..."

Rav Siach shared a wonderful teaching guide loaded with texts and explanations of key readings in the Haggadah.  Plus an inspiring video/song of Egypt by Israeli writer-composer, Alma Zohar.

Haggadah & Zionism

Rabbi Michael Graetz brilliantly connects the the journey of our people from slavery to freedom to Zionism.  Watch  this video for an interpretation by one of the founders of Masorti Judaism in Israel.