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Kehillat Ramot Zion

Rabbi Chaya Baker
Executive Director: Adi Pollack
President: Elisheva Lahav
Chairperson: Yoni Shapira


68 Bar Kochba Street,
French Hill, Jerusalem 97875




Congregation Ramot Zion in Jerusalem’s northern neighborhood, French Hill, is a member of the Conservative (Masorti) movement in Israel, and committed to its values and principles of developing Halakha, and of religious pluralism.

The congregation operates a synagogue with daily minyanim and services on Shabbat and Holidays (including extra services for children aged 7-12 and for tots (3-6). Members enjoy a thriving social and congregational life with numerous social activities around the year that are also mostly open to the public. Apart from that, the congregation operates educational activities for all age groups, starting at kindergarten age. Ramot Zion also offers a Beit Midrash for Jewish education in an open and challenging atmosphere.

The community is a warm home for anyone looking for a meaningful connection to the Jewish tradition. We welcome all those who come to our gates to participate in a lively and supportive community life. We offer a wide range of activities for members and the public, for all ages and are engaged in charitable activities as commanded by “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

In our highly sought-after kindergarten, children enjoy a quality and creative education based on the values of the community and the Masorti Movement. They learn the values of Jewish tradition in a tolerant and egalitarian spirit alongside universal values and general knowledge. Here the curiosity, the spirit of discovery and the creativity of children will be satisfied! Our carefully selected team offers a fascinating learning experience in a fun atmosphere.