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Kibbutz Hannaton

Avia Ahron, Coordinator

D.N. HaMovil 1796000

Kibbutz Hannaton was established in 1983 as a Masorti kibbutz in the Lower Galilee near the HaMovil Junction. The kibbutz was established by the ‘Kibbutz Movement’ together with the Masorti Movement — a unique model, establishing a kibbutz with pluralistic, democratic,  Masorti values and traditions.

The synagogue of the kibbutz is completely egalitarian and is the center of community-kibbutz activity.

The renewed Kibbutz Hannaton is the only kibbutz of its kind in Israel with a diverse pluralistic religious life. Kibbutz Hannaton offers families a warm and supportive community while practicing Jewish-Zionist pioneering.

In Hannaton, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, religious or secular families live together, all with a connection to Jewish tradition.

Kibbutz Hannaton is a community in the full sense of the word — a creative, diverse, environmental, learning community — that cares for its members and is involved in the education of its children. A community comfortable with modern Israeli life and society.