The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

A wonderful post from Rabbi Andy Sacks, Director of the Rabbinical Assembly in Israel.  One of the special blessings of being part of the Rabbinical Assembly/Masorti Beit Din in Israel, he writes, is working with young people who are discovering their need for a deeper and more meaningful connection to their Judaism.  He shares the story of one young woman, in her own words:

My Jewish journey has been long and complicated. I grew up with a vague notion I was ethnically ‘Jewish’ but no real concept of what that meant. As I grew older I was fascinated by the rich history and traditions of my ancestors. I also realized that, as a patrilinieal Jew, I was not recognized as Jewish by a large percentage of the Jewish world. When I arrived in Israel two and a half years ago the first thing I wanted to do was begin the conversion process and today, after a long and windy journey of learning, introspection and self-discovery I am able to say that my lifelong cultural and ethnic identity is reflected in my religious identity. Thank you so much to The Masorti Movement for allowing me to convert into a movement that aligns with my values and beliefs and for converting me with grace, care and love. Thank you to my family and friends both here and abroad who helped me in my process and a huge HUGE thank you to Arie Hasit for being an amazing rabbi and friend. I’m so thankful for the time you took teaching me and your patience with my millions of questions and concerns and I’m so thankful for your part in my process. Conversion marks the end of one chapter of my process and the beginning of a new one and I’m so excited to continue to learn and grow spiritually.” —Amelia Pippy Loewensohn

 Amelia’s face radiates pure joy.  Rabbi Sacks concludes: : “May we be blessed with many more.”