The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

At the 2018 Rabbinical Assembly Convention, Rabbi Robert Slosberg gave an inspiring talk exhorting all present to support the Masorti Movement in Israel.

“Masorti,” he says, is one of the great stories of Israel’s modern statehood. It is an ongoing miracle unfolding right before our very eyes. It is far more than a struggle over religious pluralism or egalitarian prayer at the Kotel. The Masorti Movement is an array of inspiring Kehillot, educational and youth programs. Masorti is a national movement touching Israeli lives every single day.

The need for support is critical: “We are in a battle for the heart and soul of Israel. We need to fight for its spirit to be pluralistic and egalitarian, and inclusion of all expressions of Judaism. To achieve this will take funding and a passion on our part to make Masorti Judaism thrive.”

Read Rabbi Slosberg’s full address to the Rabbinical Assembly.

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Rabbi Robert B. Slosberg
Adath Jeshurun
Louisville, KY

Rabbi Robert B. Slosberg has served as a spiritual leader of Congregation Adath Jeshurun in Louisville, Kentucky since his rabbinic ordination in 1981.  A cum laude graduate of Columbia University, Rabbi Slosberg also earned a BA, MA, Rabbinic Ordination and an honorary Doctor of Divinity from The Jewish Theological Seminary.

In 2012, Rabbi Slosberg was appointed the national chairman of the Masorti Rabbinic Cabinet.  He also serves on the board of the National Council of Synagogues, a national Jewish Interfaith organization.  From 2008 until 2012, Rabbi Slosberg was a driving force as chairman of Conservative Judaism’s Outreach to Interfaith Couples Committee.  Rabbi Slosberg is also a past Chairman of the Board of the Seminary’s Albert A. List College in New York. And, of course, Rabbi Slosberg is the Chairman of the Board  of the Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel.

A fervent supporter of the State of Israel, Rabbi Slosberg has led over 25 missions to Israel, and has served on several national organizations benefiting the State of Israel.   He also lives his Masorti values, including, notably raising the funds to reunite a Sudanese refugee with his wife and daughter who were trapped in Sudan.