The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Masorti Milestones by the Numbers

2018 was filled with hugely important Masorti milestones.  Whether it’s 800,000 Israelis now seeking out alternative forms of Jewish practice, or hundreds of kids with disabilities given the chance to fully participate in Jewish practice, or increasing local congregations, 2018 was a year of building and growing based on the Masorti values we treasure.


The Jewish People Policy Institute reports that 800,000 Israeli Jews are seeking out alternatives to Orthodox Judaism and look to Masorti and other liberal streams of Judaism for services.


Explosive growth in Masorti’s youth movement, NOAM! Now 1,600 members strong with a record 711 campers attending this summer’s Ramah-NOAM camp. NOAM is the growth engine of Masorti, shaping the future of young Israeli leaders.


Over 1,000 egalitarian services were held at Azarat Yisrael, the Masorti Family Kotel, showcasing Masorti’s “One Wall for One People” advocacy campaign. An estimated 100,000 people participated in these Kotel events.


Kids with disabilities and their families were helped to fully participate in Jewish and Israeli life thanks to Masorti. Families and schools across Israel were engaged through Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, made possible by ADRABA–the Shirley Lowy Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities.


Masorti Israel has created 80 kehillot and minyanim across the country providing religious services, educational programs, lifecycle events and community service opportunities. Over 50% of members being Israeli-born. Masorti congregations serve both their members, as well as thousands from the broader community, and, with the assistance of the national Masorti Movement Religious Affairs Bureau, offer the entire community Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, conversions, circumcisions, baby namings, burials, and other lifecycle events.

There are so many wonderful Masorti Israel programs that together help build the Israel we want for ourselves and future generations.  To support the essential work of Masorti Israel please consider donating today! 

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