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Supporting Masorti Kehillot in Israel

Many of you know, visit and are warmly welcomed to our Masorti kehillot in Israel.  Some of you have chosen to have Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in our kehillot.  So you know what a wonderful experience it is to celebrate family milestones, or attend Shabbat services or the High Holy Days in Israel, in an egalitarian, inclusive and loving environment.

It is Masorti’s goal to build and expand our kehillot–we are already over 80 strong and growing every day.  We are also working to get our fair share of government support for our kehillot.  But right now, government funding is overwhelmingly directed to Orthodox congregations.  As long as this situation continues, we rely, in part, on you.

Look through this list to find the kehilla you attend when you’re in Israel. Or, if you haven’t yet,  get familiar with our kehillot and find one you’d like to visit.  We hope that you’ll be inspired to give generously to insure that kehillot with Masorti values can continue to thrive.


Rakefet Ginsberg

CEO & Executive Director, Masorti Movement