The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Chanukah contains a meaningful message for today’s Jewish community both here and in Israel. Central to the Chanukah story is the importance of combatting extremism, and creating opportunities within the Jewish world where all Jews feel welcomed and equal to each other.

Chanukah began as a holiday of dedication. It provides us with another wonderful opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the Masorti Movement’s initiatives to promote a traditional, pluralistic, egalitarian, modern Jewish State of Israel that is welcoming to all, and a strong Masorti (Conservative) Movement to serve the spiritual needs of a growing number of Israelis.

As with every generation of the Jewish People, we face challenges both within our community and from the growing anti-Semitism outside of it. The Chanukah lights remind us that even in dark times to always look for ways to brighten the world with eternal Jewish values. These include strengthening our commitment to repairing the world (tikkun olam) and helping bring greater justice to the world through tzedakah – a righteous act that uplifts the donor as much as the recipient.

This Chanukah, Israel faces numerous challenges, and we in the Masorti Movement have recommitted ourselves to expand its partnerships with caring individuals and groups seeking to find workable solutions that will further unite all of Klal Yisrael. Together, we can find the answers to further strengthen Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and continue to build a dynamic Masorti Movement serving the people of Israel and Israeli society.

We are asking people this Chanukah to take a moment as they light their menorah candles to think of the ways they can join the Masorti Movement in building an #InclusiveIsrael.

Rabbi Dikla Drucker-Sherzer Magen Avraham, Omer

Rabbi Adam Frank
Moreshet Israel, Rehavia

Rabbi Yerachmiel Meiersdor
Ein Kerem

For the remaining days of Chanukah, we ask you to consider supporting the Movement’s projects to…

…Expand and enhance Masorti’s network of kehillot throughout Israel;

…Grow it NOAM Youth Movement, Ramah-NOAM camp and Bar and Bat Mitzvah program;

…Provide inclusive Jewish spiritual life for children and adults with disabilities;

…Offer religious services to increasing numbers of Israelis who want marriage, conversion, burial and Kotel access outside the control of the ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate;

…Keep members of the Knesset accountable to the citizens on issues of religious life through the Jewish Pluralism Watch.

We in the Masorti Movement will keep shining a light on these issues throughout the coming year. If we all answer the call to action that the Masorti Movement has set forth, you can be assured that we will be much farther down the path next Chanukah to creating a Jewish homeland we all dream of for ourselves, our children and future generations. Happy Chanukah!

Alan Grossman is the Assistant Director of Development for the Masorti Foundation. He is a Board member of B’nai Shalom in West Orange, N.J.