The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Moreshet Avraham

Rabbi Yosef Kleiner
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22 Adam Street,
East Talpiyot, Jerusalem


Kehillat Moreshet Avraham is a large, diverse Masorti congregation where all are welcome, committed to helping one another, to serving the community and doing deeds of Chesed. Our building is in constant use with children and youth, daily services, ongoing educational and cultural activities, and thriving prayer services, particularly on Shabbat. All this creates involvement and support even from those far away, in Israel and abroad.

KMA has a weekly kiddush sponsored by members. To sign up for a kiddush, contact Karen Wolberger.  For general guidelines and information about preparing a Shabbat kiddush. or if you have other questions, call Karen Wolberger at 0545665635.

Kehillat Moreshet Avraham (KMA), a flagship congregation of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel, is located  in southeastern Jerusalem’s East Talpiot neighborhood near the magnificent Tayellet (Haas Promenade). Its name, “Abraham’s Heritage,” reminds us that this was the area from which our ancestor, Abraham, first saw “from afar” the holy Mount Moriah.

KMA strives to be a truly pluralistic and inclusive community, providing religious services and education in the spirit of Masorti/Conservative Judaism.