The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

Here in the Diaspora, a deeply meaningful part of partnering with the Israeli Masorti Movement, is knowing we are making a real difference in Israel’s future.  We are strengthening Jewish tradition; values of democracy, pluralism, egalitarianism and social inclusion; and promoting the core Zionist vision of Israel’s founding.  And nowhere can we see this more clearly than our support for Masorti’s NOAM Zionist Youth Movement.

NOAM (an acronym for No’ar Masorti or Masorti Youth) has over 1600 kids between the ages of 10 and 18, organized in 21 branches throughout Israel.  NOAM teaches Jewish traditions and values and trains its members to become leaders in NOAM and in Israel.  Importantly, while NOAM engages kids who are part of existing Masorti families, all others are welcome who want to engage with a modern, open, form of traditional Judaism. Among NOAM’s key activities is Camp Ramah NOAM, a two-week sleep-away camp, which is the only traditionally Jewish, egalitarian camp in Israel.  Additionally, NOAM Netaim is a special program to integrate kids with disabilities into Ramah NOAM camping, based on the core Masorti values of respect, acceptance, and the vision of B’tselem Elohim, that that each human being is made in God’s image.

Camp is now underway, and we are excited that NOAM has a record-breaking number of participants.  This year 711 members and activists took part in Ramah NOAM, for the third year being held in the Hanaton Forest in the Galilee. If you check out the photos in this post, along with a special NOAM Ramah in action video in the Masorti Theater, you can see girls and boys from all over the Israel who have come together to live in the wild, and through intense and fun activities, to learn, to lead, to practice Judaism.

Check out our website for lots more on Masorti, NOAM, Ramah and Netaim.  For more on NOAM’s special efforts for LGBTQ inclusion, check out this report and video.

Like USY and Ramah here in the United States – and Masorti, NOAM and MAROM around the world – NOAM Israel is essential for a Jewish and democratic future.  NOAM is going strong, and we hope you will find your place as part of the NOAM family.

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