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Ohel Avraham V’Sarah

Chair, Yonah Shatzberger

16 Mohliver Street
Rishon Letzion

The “Ohel Avraham and Sarah” congregation was founded in 1978. The congregation, which is part of the Masorti Movement in Israel, holds services on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, and engages in a wide variety of cultural activities.

In addition to the egalitarian atmosphere of “Together the Whole Family,” the congregation conducts educational and social activities for needy and lonely families, and hosts them on weekends and holidays.

Other activities include Shabbat Chatan, Wedding Ceremonies and Bar / Bat Mitzvah, with an emphasis on “Children with Special Needs”, Torah lessons and assistance to new immigrants in English, Spanish and Russian.

The community building is located in the “Baron Stables” building in the center of Rishon LeZion and next to the pedestrian mall.