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Pardes – Pardesiya

Chair, Moshe Oren

Afarsek Club

The congregation of Pardes was founded in 2000 by a handful of families who gathered for Shabbat prayers in private homes, and felt the need to express their affinity to Jewish tradition and values ​​and to hold family-friendly prayers in which all members of the family could participate as equals.

Today, members of the entire community come to the congregation: Tzur Moshe, Kadima, Even Yehuda, Kfar Yona and Tel Mond.

The Pardes community is an Israeli community and the language of prayer is exclusively Hebrew.

A unique custom for the congregation is to accompany the rise of Torah with chants from the sources, and to perform a “generation-to-generation” ceremony at the Bnei Mitzvah ceremony where the Torah scroll is actually passed from the parents to the boy or girl celebrating from generation to generation.

The congregation offers its members trips, lectures, Beit Midrash classes and various social events. All activities are run by members of the congregation on a voluntary basis and the congregation is involved in charitable and social justice issues for the entire community of Pardesiya and its surroundings.