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NOAM (acronym for No’ar Masorti or Masorti Youth) is a 2,000-member strong national youth movement, where children between the ages of 10 – 18, are educated in the Masorti values of egalitarian Judaism, Zionism, democracy and pluralism.


NOAM
Operating 21 branches throughout Israel, Masorti’s youth movement, NOAM,  strives to educate children and teens about Jewish traditions and values and offers opportunities to acquire leadership skills.
Camp RAMAH NOAM Israel Young People


CAMP RAMAH NOAM is part of NOAM’s year-round programming. Many participants attend our national Camp RAMAH NOAM, a two-week sleep-away camp–the only traditionally Jewish, egalitarian camp of its kind in Israel.

CAMP RAMAH NOAM
Camp RAMAH NOAM  holds its own “Bar/Bat Mitzvah Day,” providing 6th grade campers with the unique opportunity to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah with their peers, in an egalitarian, warm and embracing environment.

Approximately 10% of the young men, and 70% of the young women participants, come from families who may never have organized a Bar or Bat Mitzvah for their children. The Masorti Movement provides these youngsters with an opportunity to experience this irreplaceable rite-of-passage. The NOAM Youth Movement and Camp RAMAH NOAM grooms the next generation of Masorti leadership; young people who are passionate, knowledgeable, and active participants in their growing love for Judaism.

NETAIM program for children and young people with disabilities Masorti Israel


THE AVIVIM PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES AT CAMP RAMAH NOAM  is imbued with a message of respect and acceptance, affirming that each human being is made in God’s image.

AVIVIM

Children in Avivim help us promote the egalitarian environment we wish so much to introduce to all the children at Camp RAMAH NOAM. Furthermore, participants in Avivim are often retained through Masorti’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program for Children with Disabilities.

Camp Avivim is a specialized, fully integrated program, providing Israeli children with both physical and developmental disabilities, the opportunity to interact with their peers in the welcoming, egalitarian environment. Avivim affords its participants the opportunity to experience the benefits of integration with all campers, and vice versa, allowing each to learn and grow in shared experiences and goals.

As a program of the Masorti Movement in Israel, Avivim is filled with the values, practices, and education of Masorti/Conservative Judaism. Each day includes tefilah (prayer), as well as activities centered on religious practice, such as making tallit (prayer shawls), wrapping tefillin (phylacteries), even a special Bar and Bat Mitzvah day. Avivim participants are fully integrated in each and every activity, in line with the Masorti belief that all Jews are both capable and welcome to fulfill mitzvot.

Bar Bat Mitzvah for young people with disabilities Israel

Watch this heartwarming video of kids who have been able to become bar and bat mitzvah despite challenges…all with Masorti’s help.


BAR AND BAT MITZVAH PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES.  Masorti’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program is unique in scope and mission, providing specialized Jewish education and courses to prepare young Israelis with cognitive or physical disabilities for Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Children with disabilities are often marginalized in Israel, especially in traditionally religious communities.  Masorti’s unwavering commitment to creating an Israel which is inclusive of all, drives this national program, which has served thousands of children. Founded in 1995, the program has touched the lives of close to 3,500 young people and their families. Our nationwide, egalitarian program is the only one of its kind in Israel.

Education, training, and practice for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs are seldom designed for children with disabilities, either physical or intellectual. By using a specially-created siddur (prayer book) with both Hebrew and sign language symbols, integrated with intuitive technology, the Masorti Movement fills a crucial unmet need and makes better the lives children, their families and all Israel.


Hannaton Mechina Israel Program Young People Masorti


HANNATON MECHINA and SHIN-SHIN are programs for young adults after the completion of high school and before the start of IDF service.

HANNATON MECHINA:  The Hannaton Mechina program focuses on maintaining and expanding the Jewish education provided in NOAM.  Taking place at Kibbutz Hannaton’s Education Center in the Galilee, the program is a ‘gap year’ experience—the time taken between the end of high school and prior to IDF service.  While not exclusive to NOAM members, this important program maintains and expands the Jewish education provided in NOAM.


SHIN-SHIN:  Many former NOAM participants choose Masorti’s “shnat sherut,” a service year done prior to the army, and known colloquially as “Shin-Shin.” Masorti’s Shin-Shin is a year-long community living program, focused on providing educational and community service opportunities.  It is a social service program of the NOAM Youth Movement.

Garinim Israel Young People IDF Group


GARINIM.  Each year, between 20 to 30 NOAM members decide to form a Masorti Garin (group) to serve in the Israel Defense Forces together, within the framework of the Nahal (Pioneering Youth) Unit.

GARINIM

Garinim members devote a year to serving the community, during which they live together in a development town or on a kibbutz. They teach in schools and in absorption centers to help new immigrants better assimilate into Israeli society. The Garin members also have their own educational program, overseen by experienced NOAM staff.

Garinim cultivates Israel’s future educators and leaders, and enables young NOAM members to learn through action and role modeling.