The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel


Click on the link above for a flyer you can download and distribute to your friends, family, colleagues–anyone who cares about Israel and wants to help our Masorti communities to heal!

Firefighters at Kehillah Moriah, Israel, November Fires

Masorti communities in Israel—kehillot, nursery schools and homes—have been severely damaged by the fires that have burned through Haifa, Zichron Yaakov and elsewhere.  The need is urgent.  While in time, insurance and the government will provide help, our children, their parents, teachers and rabbis, cannot wait.  Our Masorti kehillot, schools and community centers must be repaired now. Moriah, in Haifa, the oldest Masorti/Conservative synagogue in Israel was particularly hard hit.  They lost their second floor, their roof and their siddurim. Life must be restored to normal for our brothers and sisters in Israel, as we would hope to restore it for ourselves here in our own communities.

This is our chance to act in solidarity with our community in Israel.