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Hallelujah, goodbye to 2020! 

But we didn’t want to say goodbye without thanking you, our devoted and generous supporters.  You make possible the growth and progress of  our Masorti Movement in Israel.  And through you efforts, Masorti Israel is building a more egalitarian, more inclusive Judaism — one respectful and accepting of all streams of Judaism, so that all Jews can find a welcome home in the State of Israel.

We’re hopeful for so many things in 2021 — a successful vaccination campaign here, in Israel and around the world, and a return to a more normal life of connecting with family and friends. 

To get us started, here’s a wonderful rendition of Hallelujah from the NOAM group’s Shirat Machar singers.  It’s from a recording of their first-ever CD and now in Masorti’s archive so you won’t see masks. But it’s so joyful that we thought it was a perfect way to start celebrating a new year!

With warmest good wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year!