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From the Masorti Theater, Celebrate Independence Day with this Heartwarming Video

Three songs join together in harmony as a stirring and fitting tribute to Israel at 70

The Masorti Foundation celebrates Israel at 70 and the New Chalutizm of the Masorti Movement in Israel who are striving to help the State of Israel fulfill the promise of its founding and the powerful values proclaimed at its creation. Give here to support this visionary work.

As part of the celebration, we share a video in honor of the country’s seventy years. The video, featuring Masorti’s Shirat Machar, combines Israel’s national anthem, HaTikvah, with two other songs that have been suggested as fitting national anthems for the country: Shir HaMa’alot (A Song of Ascent) (psalm 126) which expresses a religious longing for Zion for millennia, and Sakhti Sakhti (I Believe) by Shaul Tchernichovsky, which focuses on our belief in all humanity and the rise of Israel as a fulfillment of the Jewish people’s aspirations for freedom, justice and peace. These three songs – melody, poetry and values – join together in harmony as a stirring and fitting tribute to Israel at 70.

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Download a copy of the lyrics, in Hebrew and English and sing along with the Shirat Machar singers.

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