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Tiferet Shalom

Chair, David Kessler
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Tagor 26, Ramat Aviv
Tel Aviv


Kehilat Tiferet Shalom is a well-established community in Ramat Aviv, a suburb of Tel Aviv. It was originally founded in the 1970s by American immigrants looking for a place where they and their families could find a warm Jewish home in the big city. Over the years, many new members joined the congregation, including recent immigrants and native Israelis, old and young people as well as families with small children.

As a liberal congregation belonging to the Masorti-Conservative movement, we see ourselves as a Jewish community, bound by the eternal values of Judaism and its traditions. Prayers take place in a warm, earnest and convivial atmosphere, with no mechitza separating men and women. There is complete gender equality at all of the community’s prayers and events.

Our congregation is committed to studying and to seeking out the relevance of the traditional Jewish texts in our daily lives. In our Beit Midrash study sessions, a wide variety of opinions can be heard, frequently contradictory, as befits the tradition of the Sages: “Any dispute for the sake of Heaven is destined to carry substance” [Ethics of the Fathers (Pirkei Avot), 5:17].

Because they feel a sense of responsibility for the people of Israel, for the strangers who live among us, and for society as a whole, members of the congregation contribute their time, energy, and money to various charitable efforts both within and outside the community, as individuals and together as a group.

The community runs a unique Bar and Bat Mitzvah program that is meaningful and exciting. Participants get to know the Jewish spiritual world and its traditions, in addition to learning the tropes and making their Aliyah to the Torah. The program is run by the community’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg. The rabbi has vast experience in the field of education, having been a homeroom teacher, and having worked extensively with young people in general, and Bar and Bat Mitzvah youth in particular.