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Women Praying at Robinson’s Arch Disrupted by Orthodox

Watch this shameful video from February 27, 2017 at the egalitarian side of the Kotel (Azarat Yisrael) and see the fruit of Netanyahu’s foot dragging.

Soon after Women of the Wall (WOW) finished their prayer, 200 Yeshiva students lead by Rabbi Amar came to Azarat Yisrael, put up a mehitza, and brutally pushed away Rabbi Sandra Kochman. (Rabbi Kochman, as many of you know her, is our Rabbi at the Wall who is in charge of coordinating the egalitarian tefilot and ceremonies.)

Please share this video.  If you or your friends or congregation have not sent in your emails to demand that the Kotel agreement be implemented, please do so now! It’s an easy couple of clicks.

Don’t let another day go by!