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For a sweet Shabbat, enjoy a moving song and video by members of Masorti Kehilat Sinai together with visitors from NOAM Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Read on for the words of Rabbi Eli Peretz of Kehilat Sinai expressing all of our hopes for peace and unity in Israel:

“Seventy years have gone by and a melody and a prayer have unified to create to a song for peace…a song that combines Hebrew, Arabic and many cultures, so that everyone can identify with it in their own language and style…we can open our eyes and hearts…”

Click here for Rabbi Peretz’s complete Drasha on “Words of Peace” in English–a deep and rewarding text. On that page you will also find links to the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew versions.

With grateful thanks to Rabbi Peretz; to the singers, musicians and videographers; and to Devora Greenberg and the producers at Rav Siach

Shabbat Shalom.