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Ya’ar Ramot-Jerusalem

Rabbi Arni Ben-Dor

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16A Even Shmuel St.
Ramot, Jerusalem


The Ya’ar Ramot congregation was founded in 1978 in the Ramot Aleph neighborhood of Jerusalem. Two years later, residents of the adjacent neighborhood, Ramot B, established a new minyan. After a short time, the two minyanim united and established the synagogue on Even Shmuel Street.

The congregation now has more than 100 families and prayers are held every Saturday and holiday, in the evening and in the morning.

Other community activities include classes, lectures, excursions and social events.

In a religiously diverse neighborhood like Ramot, our goal is to offer the residents a Masorti, non-Orthodox alternative to Jewish life.

As a community, we emphasize the social aspects and help others, congregation members and the rest of the neighborhood. The congregation is active in neighborhood events and various campaigns of assistance to the needy.