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Yedid Nefesh Hod HaSharon

Chair, Tammy Yakobovich
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4 Golomb Street
Hod HaSharon

The Yedid Nefesh community in Hod HaSharon is a spiritual and experiential framework in the spirit of the Masorti Movement. In congregation Yedid Nefesh, prayer and Jewish life unite families into a warm and supportive community. The congregation meets every Friday evening and once a month on Shabbat morning in the prayer hall of the Tali Education Center in Hod HaSharon.

Since its establishment, the community has been growing and new families join all the time. For many families, the Yedid Nefesh congregation is the first opportunity to be part of a permanent synagogue and prayer framework. Congregation members learn additional roles and join in active roles in the congregation. The congregation also notes the events of the lifecycle of its members.

Many of the children in the community study at the Tali Education Center and belong to the No’am youth movement.