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Support Masorti’s Yom Ha’atzmaut Campaign

support Israel at war

Strengthen the Spirit of Israel

Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut this year is a sign of our people’s resilience. Since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, Masorti has been at the forefront of providing relevant responses to Israel’s new challenges: from our daily prayer circle at Hostage Square to building programs for bolstering resilience, especially among our youth. Through our authentic, yet modern Jewish voice, we strive to help Israelis from across the religious spectrum hold the spirit hope for better times, so strengthening our society.

Your gift enables:

  • the facilitation of our daily prayer circle and holiday commemorations at Hostage Square in Tel Aviv.
  • the development of programs to boost the resilience of our youth, especially ahead of their service in the IDF.
  • our rabbis to provide pastoral care to those affected by the war in Gaza.
  • capacity building for the leadership of our kehillot, especially in these times of national emergency.
  • ongoing programming: NOAM youth movement, bar & bat mitzvah programs including for children with disabilities, adult education, the Egalitarian Kotel and more.

Please donate to our Yom Ha’atzmaut Campaing. Your partnership will help us bolster the spirit of hope in Israel.

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